Saturday, May 16, 2015

8 teams qualified for IKF Europa Korfball Cup

Champions of England: Trojans KC 
Until now we have found 8 teams to be qualified for the 2016 IKF Europa Korfball Cup:

Cardiff University
Edinburgh City

It could be Marmara University from Turkey is also qualified, but it is difficult to find the exact information on this for now. For different competitions we already managed to get the full competition statistics in:

Czech Republic

For other countries we are close in getting all the statistics online. In Scotland we are only waiting the exact venues matches were played. Even though the Polish league already has a champion (UKK WUM), the leagues is not ended yet, that's why no final statistics are online yet. The coming period we expect the leagues of Portugal, Catalonia, Hungary and France to end. At the moment we are unclear about the competition structure in Russia, Turkey, and Serbia. In those countries we have difficulty understanding which tournament is the national championship, in some cases we even don't know if there is a national championship. If you have any intellegence on the above queries, please do mail us on .

Monday, May 11, 2015

European Korfball statistics

We are slowly preparing this statistics website for the new 2015/2016 Indoor Korfball season accross Europe. Some leagues have ended, others are nearing their end. One by one, country by country the club profiles will be updated, like we started with PKC , TOP , KZ , LDODK , AW.DTV , Fortuna , DVO , Dalto , DOS'46 , Blauw-Wit , OVVO , KVSBoeckenberg , AKC , Borgerhout / GW , Scaldis , Meeuwen , Voorwaarts , Riviera , Sikopi , KwikNomads , Trojans , KV , Kingfisher , Croydon , Tornadoes , Norwich Knights , Bec , Cardiff University , Edinburgh University , Edinburgh Mavericks , Znojmo Modri Sloni , Brno , Kolin , Sokol Ceske Budejovice , Prostejov and Birmingham City. If you want to help feel free to do so by mailing us at .